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Name/Handle: MaverickZero
Age: [Are you over 16/18/21/legal age of adulthood?] Yes
AIM/YIM/MSN/Plurk/Etc: [Aka, what's the easiest way to contact you?] skype: maverick_zerox10
Email: katsumoto.ryu@gmail.com
Current Characters: [If already in the game]

Character Name: Lloyd Irving

Source: Tales of Symphonia

Lloyd is very rash and sociable, he uses logic and skill to make up for what he lacks in knowledge. He is very idealistic and tries to do what he believes is best for the world as it was split into  two, Sylvarant and Tethe’alla. He is told by his biological father that he resembles the hero of old Mithos, but with the difference that he does acknowledge his own mistakes but also Lloyd adds that he wants to save both worlds without having to sacrifice anyone. He is, however, headstrong and will do anything in his power to help his friends.


He also has matured during the events of the World Regeneration Journey as he believes in saving the world without any sacrifice, he begins to respect life, even that of his enemies, and kills only when there is no other way.


His fighting style focuses on dealing melee physical damage, with concentration in speed and combo building. His ranged abilities are like the Demonic Tiger Blade, sending projectiles due to his “magical” Exsphere”.

History/Pull Point:




Abilities/Special Powers/Non average skills:

Enchanted Item:

-Exsphere: it’s a small orb that’s inserted in a crest in the top part of one of his hands. It allows him to access more power than the normal human, like strength and resilience.


Demonic Thrust: Very strong and fast thrust that staggers an opponent.

Raging Beast: Combo move that ends in a punch that knocks the enemy onto the ground.

Rising Falcon:  the character jumps into the air, then thrusts downward.

Beast Sword Rain: The arte starts with stabbing the enemy numerous times, before ending with swirling around, slamming a large energy wave in the form of a beast.

Demonic Tiger Blade: releases a projectile along the ground, and chains it to two vertical slashes moving upward and downward, essentially emulating the use of Demon Fang and Tiger Blade chained in this order.

Tempest Beast: character releases spins around in the air, taking the enemy along, and upon landing sends out an energy wave in the form of a lion's head, emulating the use of Tempest and Beast chained in this order.

Demonic Chaos:  this arte allows characters to release three projectile waves at the enemy, with the third projectile dealing more damage and hits while passing through the target to hit any other enemies behind it.


Non Average Skill:

Sky Combo: Able to perform attacks midair longer than others, as if floating.

Over Limit: State where the character does amped up damage.

Unison Force: Character is able to synch up with another character and add power to both his and their attacks.



[Game Specific]

Character class: Knight
Why your character would be that class: Because it fits his profile, he’s steadfast, strong and does everything he can to help others and those he loves. But he’s a complete airhead most of the time and he can be very stubborn.

Powers/skills to be gained by being that class:


More powerful versions of his already known Artes, or revised versions.


Log sample:


Lloyd’s eyes shot wide open and he stood up in a second, unsheathing his swords. He looked around the forest that was before him. There seemed to be no immediate threat, so he returned his weapons to their sheathes and started walking forward.


There was nothing in this forest that he’d recognize.


“Oh man!”, Lloyd said. He looked around once more. “Genis! Professor Sage!”


There was no answer to his calling. He continued to walk, trying to head outside the woods. He could see a travelling caravan and he ran over to the people that were leading it.


“Excuse me! I’m kinda lost here, you know what forest this is?”, Lloyd asked and the man in the caravan simply laughed.


“It’s the two faced forest boy, be sure not to  stay out here too late, no telling what you might find. In fact, why don’t you hop on the back, we’re going out of the forest into the farmlands”, The man said and Lloyd simply smiled and sat on the back.


Farmlands… Two faced forest… None of these names came to mind. And this sphere thing in around his neck… where did it come from?


He examined the small pendant for a moment and then he remembered. Right before falling asleep, he had a book in his hands. Professor Sage said to be careful and not open it, for she could sense magic coming from it.


“Oh man… I did it again didn’t I…? Why can’t you keep your hands to yourself Lloyd Irving?”, he said to himself sighing quite soundly.


And just as they were leaving the forest, he could see the Farmlands, and his suspicions were confirmed.


“This isn’t Sylvarant… not Tethe’alla… where the heck am I?”, Lloyd asked.

Orb sample: Ruffle…ruffle…


“So this orb thing records stuff I guess…? Well whatever then…” ruffle…ruffle… tugs to the left…


“I guess I will use this to keep track of stuff…” leaves orb flying in the air and sits down on the ground near a tent he put up himself.


“So then basically… the book we found in that old ruin in Sylvarant, transported me to this place. I have no idea how it happened but I have to search for a way to get back. Apparently the old man I encountered earlier knows someone I might be able to talk to about all this… Aw man… why does it have to be me who gets sucked into these kinds of things… usually it’s Sheena who falls for traps…” starts laughing.


“It’s funny ‘cause she’s a ninja, but she always steps on pitfalls” laughs a little more and then sighs.


“Well I guess there is no point in dwelling over this, might as well get some sleep and figure things out as I go. I was able to borrow this tent from the old man, so at least I’ll be able to camp here for the night. Anyways, time to get some sleep” Goes for the orb and the image goes black.


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